Suspension Diagnosis and Repairs in Clifton, NJ

The suspension system is often overlooked in most people's daily drivers. Not surprisingly, it is the source of many parts failures and leaving you stranded on the side of the road. Bernie's Auto Repair has ASE-certified technicians who specialize in suspension diagnosis and repairs. A suspension failure can be costly and even dangerous, let our experts ensure that you're never in a position to worry about whether your car or truck will break down.

Our Suspension Services Include:

  • Thorough multi-point suspension inspection
  • Ball joint servicing and replacement
  • Inner and outer tie rod inspection and replacement
  • Steering rack replacement
  • Spindle and hub service and replacement
  • Idler arm and pitman arm service and replacement
  • Control arm replacement
  • Lubrication of joints, bushings and other rubber wear items
  • Pointing out areas of importance for future concern
  • Fixing clunks, squeaks and pops
  • We only recommend you repair what needs to be repaired
  • We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor

Did You Know?

A broken ball joint can cause a dangerous loss in steering and overall vehicle control. Most ball joints are serviceable, and properly lubricating them can help your suspension system last longer overall. Ask us about our multi-point suspension inspection and our free service recommendation.